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China, 184 CE

An empire will shatter.

Dark clouds loom over the Han dynasty. The Yellow Turbans, simple folks turned rebels, threaten the power in place with their sheer numbers and burning anger. Among them, Liao Hua, a young peasant boy, becomes the symbol of the uprising’s vengeful spirit.

But what should have been a short revolt turns into a bloody war for survival. As untrained farmers face the full might of the empire, Liao Hua forges himself a will of iron and vows to do whatever it takes to become the greatest warrior of his time. However, when his path crosses that of the bearded warrior, he understands ambition won’t be enough to come out on top.

An age of chaos is beginning. Men will fall, warlords rise, and warriors clash, but only the strongest will leave their names to be praised for the centuries.

Han Empire - 190 CE

The Yellow Turban uprising has failed. The iron will of the empire has quelled the surviving rebels back to their farms, but from the cracks revealed by the revolt crept every ambitious warlord living under the sky. Many gathered at Hulao to rescue the young emperor from the grasp of the cruel chancellor Dong Zhuo. The coalition, however, is nothing but a snake pit from where the lords plan their next moves.

Among them, the cunning Cao Cao envisions a future where he bows to no one, but talent and ambition might not be enough to survive those tumultuous times. He will need brave men, professional soldiers, and luck if he is to thrive. His students rise to the challenge, and Liao Hua, the Orphan of War, welcomes the fires of war eagerly.

This is his chance to soar. This is his opportunity to claim vengeance on Guan Yu.

Han Empire - 196 CE

Warlords rise and fall within the broken Han empire. Old names vanish from the land, while brazen leaders make their fame—none more so than Cao Cao, the once powerless lord who now controls the puppet court of the emperor.

As the final clash between Cao Cao and his old friend Yuan Shao draws near, the Hero of Chaos leads a brutal war to secure his borders and dominate his neighbors. His troops know no rest, his enemies no mercy, and while they learn to fear the glint of Cao Cao’s spears, it’s in the shadows that Liao Chun and his elite warriors sway the fate of the empire.

But as losses amass, even among his closest friends, Chun realizes that maybe his cause is not as just as he thought. Victims are no longer faceless, their screams haunt his nights, and when another path opens up for the young officer, Liao Chun faces the ultimate choice:

Blind obedience or honest betrayal.

Undead Samurai - Book 3D.png

Japan, 1625

A new Drum Master has risen, and soon the nation will fall to the curse of Izanagi. Answering the call of his kotsuzumi, dead warriors abandon their peace to once again roam the land of the living, swinging rusty blades and chattering rotten teeth at his behest.

Japan’s last hope lies in the hands of the nine warriors gathered by the young daimyō of Owari. To reach Onijima, where the source of the curse’s power awaits, the Nine will not only have to face swarms of undead samurai and waves of shinobi mercenaries but even more dangerous to their mission, their inner demons.

Against the undead, the Nine only have two choices, fighting as one or becoming them.

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