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Baptiste Pinson Wu, as some of you may know, is French, from Normandie, and… You know what, let’s not pretend someone else wrote it.


Let me start again.


Hi everyone! My name is Baptiste Pinson. I added the Wu because it belongs to my wife and without her, I wouldn’t be the writer I am today. Plus, I don’t cook as often as I should, so at least I did something nice for her.


I was born in France and stubbornly remained in that beautiful land of Normandie (right next to Mont Saint Michel) until I got myself an internship in China. That was thirteen years ago, and since then I haven’t spent much time back home. I now live in Tokyo, where I’m trying my best at this parenting thing you might have heard about. It’s tough! Should have gotten a dog, really.


On the off chance you landed on this page by luck (and lucky you are), what matters here is that I am an author, mostly of historical fiction set in ancient times, mostly in eastern Asia, and mostly in the action/military/adventure subgenres.

As I write this author bio, I have three books published, all of them in the Three Kingdoms Chronicles series. Feel free to check the books here. And since there’s a big chance I’ll forget to update this text over the years, please do check the link to know more about my new books.


The other day I was interviewed on a YouTube channel and was asked the question: “Why did you decide to become a writer?” I don’t remember what I replied, but here is the truth, or at least my opinion, I don’t think anyone decides to become a writer. It’s not a choice—or not a very wise one at least—and most likely comes from the Machiavellian voice of an inner demon laughing like a maniac for our future struggles. 


Most seriously, it’s a combination of things. In my case, it happened in four stages. 


The first happened when I was thirteen and my French teacher lent me The Green Mile by Stephen King after I told him I loved the movie. He had this glint in the eyes, as if he knew I was about to fall in love with reading, which I did. 


The second was three years later. My best friend and I were getting ready to welcome our pen friends from England, and we thought of buying a video game that we could play together. I forgot why we chose this one, but we ended up buying Dynasty Warriors 4, the game that would shape my future. I finished it and basically ran to buy a copy of the Romance of the Three Kingdoms, my new passion for life. Technically, I had to wait three weeks before it arrived because there was no Amazon back then.


One autumn morning shortly after I turned nineteen, I picked a worn-out copy of The Old Man and the Sea at the university’s library and realized I could not only read a whole book in English but enjoyed it tremendously. 


Then, finally, in 2016, I ordered a copy of The Winter King by Bernard Cornwell, and it hit me in the face, I had to write something like this. I would be a writer or nothing!


So, it’s basically a mix of Stephen King, Dynasty Warriors, Hemingway, and Cornwell that made this author. And if you want to know more about me: contact me, have a chat (Twitter/Facebook), check my videos, or, another suggestion, my books

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