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Because life’s nothing without a good challenge, Baptiste decided to ditch regular-paying jobs to become an author, write on tremendously popular topics like Ancient China, or Samurai fighting Zombies, and publish all those nerdy, historical fiction novels from Japan. To preserve what’s left of his sanity, Baptiste spends great chunks of time visiting historical sites, bothering his Chinese wife with questions related to her culture she has no answer to, and wrestling with two untirable creatures called children, who, he believes, have been sent on earth to test the limits of his previously mentioned sanity.

When all of these fail, coffee, whiskey, a fuming bowl of ramen, or an episode of his favorite historical drama (currently Shōgun) do the trick.

His novels are packed with action, grumpy characters, brotherly love, and blades, lots of blades. They are set in ancient, brutal times where martial skills, stubbornness, and an appetite for trouble guarantee bloody adventures that might end up shifting the future of a realm or two. 


Bonus Chapters

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Current chapters series: Tales of the Three Kingdoms. 
Dive deeper into the world of the Three Kingdoms Chronicles, from the point of view of secondary characters.


  • Han Zhong (November 2022)

  • Fat Ling (January 2023)

  • Yue Jin (May 2023)

  • Lady Bian (Feb 2024)

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